Services: From Enquiry to Working on the Patient

Country Coordinators’ Task

The country coordinators are trained by our clients on the individual projects. During the conduct of the project, they are responsible for the following areas:

  • Training of local homecare visit staff for study participants who make use of homecare visits.
    Depending on the client’s preference, these training sessions take place either in person or with the aid of current telecommunications media.
  • Quality control and supervision of the local homecare visit staff’s duties
  • Primary interface for the communication between homecare visit staff member, study site and client
  • Reporting to the client on the planned and conducted visits, status of the transmission of samples or original documents.
  • If the study protocol requires 24/7 on-call duty

As soon as a sponsor decides to implement homecare visits, emovis Homecare Visits is in demand. The emovis Homecare Visits team processes and answers enquiries and asks about the exact indication, activities during the visit, study duration and frequency of the visits. Why?

Before the Start of the Study: Advising, Recruiting, Training

Of course, emovis Homecare Visits also advises the client on the feasibility of the desired investigations and compiles all required documents, from the text for the ethics approval to the training manual for the homecare visit staff, all the way to visit documentation.

For each patient, emovis Homecare Visits subsequently identifies and trains a homecare visit staff member located near the patient. Only then can the homecare visits with the patient get started.

The tasks at a glance:

  • Clarifying the time, duration, frequency and tasks with the client
  • Recruiting homecare visit staff – from the pool of emovis Homecare Visits as well
  • Contract design and the employment of homecare visit staff by emovis Homecare Visits
  • Training of homecare visit staff by emovis Homecare Visits

During the Homecare Visit: The Protocol Reigns

The homecare visit staff who carry out the emovis Homecare Visits visits, are not only trained on the projects. They are also chosen based on their character, and they are friendly and helpful. Typically, the following duties fall into the visits conducted off the premises of the study site:   

  • Sample collection
  • Documentation of vital signs
  • Administration of the study drug
  • Supporting the study participants in protocol-relevant issues
  • Monitoring the changes since the previous visit
  • Documentation of visits

Following the Homecare Visit: Documentation

Following the homecare visit, everything is still documented and transmitted in accordance with the protocol, e.g.,

  • Transmission of samples to the laboratory
  • Transmission of documentation