This is the Team – in Berlin

emovis Homecare Visits provides homecare visits within the scope of clinical studies – and in six European countries at that. The team in Berlin coordinates and organizes these activities. These are the team members and their duties.

Rebeca Gonzalez Vicedo - Director Homecare Visits

I've been a member of the Homecare Visits departement since 2017, the team is full of dynamic and driven employees. Working as an administrator, I am responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. My work includes communication with the homecare nurses and the clinical research sites, to ensure visits to go properly and smoothly and the patient has a high quality experience. Since March of 2019, I have been Director of Homecare Visits. Born and raised in Spain, I have lived in many different countries including Italy, the Emirates, Nepal and now Germany. In Spain I completed a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration and subsequently I collected professional experience in Dubai whilst enhancing the business cooperation between Spain and the Middle East. My efforts to learn more and develop more skills, brought me to Berlin, where I finally completed a M.A. in International and Development Economics.

The Team

Katarzyna Drozd

I have been living in Berlin since 2012 and have been a permanent team member of emovis Homecare Visits since September 2015. As Project Manager, I am responsible for providing the nurses and study sites with all the information required for carrying out Homecare Visits. This includes making appointments, obtaining essential documents, clearing visits, but also drawing up contracts with the homecare visit staff. In Poland, I completed my M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering in 2010. After graduating, I went to London where I gained valuable experience that now help me master my daily challenges.

Daniel Schulz

I have been Country Coordinator for Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2012. My main duty is without a doubt training the Homecare Visits staff in person or via now commonly used media such as Skype, GoTo, WebEx, etc. Following this, I review the visit documents to see if they fulfil the current standards and guidelines. After qualifying as a registered nurse, I already worked in various departments of emovis GmbH, first as Study Coordinator and from 2009 to 2011 as Head of the Outpatient Study Site in Weißensee.

Viktoria Nowak

In 2015 I began to work at emovis as a Study Assistant, whilst I was doing my Bachelor Degree in Chemistry. Since I developed 4 years of clinical research experience, I decided to join the Homecare Visits team. Together with Daniel Schulz I am responsible for the organization of homecare visits in Germany and Great Britain. I particularly like the self-organization, that the job requires in order to make sure things run smoothly.

I enjoy working with such an amazing team and  the results of a successful collaboration with them always gives me motivation and energy to continue. Handling the different characters of the Study Nurses and Home Visitors from different nations is also very exciting. In order to find a healthy balance to my desk job, I teach Zumba courses as a licensed Zumba Instructor.

Camille Durand

I am part of the dynamic and friendly emovis Homecare Visits team since late 2018. As a Study Cordinator, my job is to organize the homecare visits for patients involved in clinical trials in french and english-speaking countries. Training nurses is a big part of my duties. My focus lays on ensuring, that the patients and the nurses feel confident during the visits. I also stay in close contact with the nurses to guarantee that the collected data meets the high requirements of clinical research.

After completing my nursing degree in France, I worked in different wards in a hospital. Really interested in clinical trials, I am now proud to be a part of it.

Audrey Mouisse

In 2015 I joined the dynamic emovis homecare visit team. My responsibilities lie in the coordination with English and French speaking countries. This includes the communication with other study sites, the recruitment and training of staff working as homecare visitors. Additionally, I am responsible for the smooth course of the homecare visits that the comfort and safety of all patients is ensured.

I was born in France and since 2003 I am a certified nurse. After my training, I worked in several medical fields as in the accidents and emergencies department, paediatrics, geriatrics and ambulatory surgery. Furthermore, I worked in many different parts of the world. For example, in Switzerland, Australia, La Réunion and now in Germany.

Carolina Martins

After successfully terminating my studies as a nurse in 2015, I moved from Portugal to Berlin. Working in clinical research became my dream and goal during my studies.

I am part of the emovis Team since 2017. I began working as a nurse but after a year my tasks as a study coordinator started to grow. I had the opportunity to collect many different experiences in the cilincal research division.

In late 2019 I was offered the position as the Equipment Manager at emovis Homecare Visits. It is my task to make sure that every home visit in every country is supplied with the necessary study material to assure smooth and professional visits.